The best phone cases for spring by Ashley Brooke Designs. |


Spring phone cases are HAPPENING!


Spring is officially H-E-R-E, and we’re more than ready for the prettiest season to be in full bloom as soon as possible! Because, honestly, who doesn’t want to step outside into warmer temps, seas of flowers, and all of the seasons pastel (ahem, PINK!) trends?! We’re ready, and we won’t miss winter one bit!

To make sure we already feel like we’re living in the height of the season, #teamABD is officially switching our phone cases“¦to ones with flowers, of course! Today, we’re chatting all about our besties, Rosie, Peony, and Navy Floral, and we’ve paired them with some of our favorite blooms! You need to jump on this new phone case game, girl, and we’re all about helping you decide which one to add to your cart.

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The best phone cases for spring by Ashley Brooke Designs. |


If you L-O-V-E roses”¦

“¦our Rosie phone case was designed just for y-o-u (and maybe a number of your closest ABD friends!). We seriously can’t get enough of this sweet case because it’s covered in pink roses, greens, and the prettiest pale blue background. Fun fact: The Flower Show teaches you all the things, so we can now tell you there are more roses out there than we ever thought possible: spray roses, garden roses, standard roses, and more. OMG, we need them all! Best news: our Rosie case lives forever and ever!



If navy and pink are your favorite colors”¦

“¦your phone will look so cute with the best palette ever thanks to our Navy Floral phone case! This case was inspired by roses and peonies just like the other two, but we love how it also incorporates pops of yellow, purple, and even a little orange! It’s like spring AND summer are popping off of your case, and we can’t say we mind one bit! P.S: Our Navy Floral case has been known to look super cute with our navy dot Notes & Things notebook, so you definitely need to have a treat yo’self moment and snatch up both!



The best phone cases for spring by Ashley Brooke Designs. |


If peonies are your jam”¦

“¦you will be a little obsessed with our Peony Floral case! From purple and white, to blush and coral (our favorite!), Ashley was definitely inspired by the very best colored peonies when she hand illustrated this design. When you pop over to the shop to add this case to your cart, you will notice it looks really bright. We’re happy to report it’s just as bright in person, because the brighter the better is definitely our motto! Peony season can now last all year long. We think that news wins all of the awards!



We obviously have to know, what’s your favorite flower? AND, which phone case are you adding to your cart? Leave us a note in the comments!

P.S: The “essentials only” bag from FASHIONABLE in the top photo is so perfect. You need it!

P.P.S15% off all phone cases, use the code: “SPRING“ | march 21-23



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