My Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023

So many goodies for great prices…

Amazon Prime Day is here and it kind of feels like Christmas! For the past few years we’ve ordered something fun on Prime Day, last year it was this carpet/upholstery cleaner (which comes in super handy, especially when you spill an entire green smoothie on your brand new rug!), the year before it was our Frame TV (one of my favorite purchases of all time for our home), and the year before that it was the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. Truly all things we use daily/monthly.

This year I have my eye on this small cordless vacuums… I want it for my car and it’s such a mom purchase, ha! But I will say if you don’t already have a Kindle, and I cannot stress enough, GET THE KINDLE. I held out for a long time but it’s been one of my favorite things this year, and I only wish I had gotten it sooner. It’s made reading while rocking a baby a breeze!

I rounded up a handful of things I either have like this handheld mixer (use it all the time), the Dyson hairdryer (an absolute necessity), the smart plugs (LOVE THESE), and a few fun deals that you won’t want to miss. Let me know what you snag!

And check back in, I’ll update the list as I find more great deals!

Favorites From Amazon Prime Day 2023

You know these are my absolute favorite for Laurens! We drink our smoothies every morning out of them. And these are the best sippy cups. And our beloved bubble maker! We use this fun machine every day for entertainment (bubble refill also discounted today!).

This portable high chair has saved us so many times! It’s under $30 today and I would highly recommend. Same with our outdoor play set upwe live here! And the SLUMBER POD! Do it, truly makes our life so much easier when traveling with toddler. So do these for all the snacks!

Also, Laurens most favorite pair of soft sneakers are under $10! And our picnic blanket we take everywhere is $15.

I love a good cat eye situation! These are awesome for under $14. And how good is this straw (and pink!) tote?! And this classic rattan handbag for under $35 is perfection.

This halter dress is so pretty! And love this easy breezy white dress and this dress for all the things, too. And this blazer… $50 is such a good price point.



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