Good morning and happy Monday to you! Today is my first real day back in the studio and so many exciting things are happening”¦ except for the fact that there was ZERO internet this morning, which I originally thought might be a sign to curl up on one of my new (and extra fluffy!) chairs with a good book, but then I realized no. I have an iPhone (I was of course wishing for a Nokia this morning) and my job consists of drawing which involves exactly no Internet activity what-so-ever. So with all that said”¦ I apologize for the late and semi-discombobulated post today but we now have internet (insert happy dance) and can get on our merry way!

My original thought for today’s post was to do The Weekend Lookbook (don’t worry it’s coming back next week!) but too many fun things happened over the break so I thought it would be fun to send you on over to my instagram where I documented lots of my holiday adventures!

Ashley Brooke Designs - The Holidays Instagramed

Okay, so I’m off to finally go do Internet things like return e-mails, but I hope you have a magical first Monday in 2013! It’s going to be an awesome year!

P.S. All of our holiday stationery is on sale!!! Order them today for all of those holiday thank you notes you need to write!


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