I recently got an email from Megan and these were her questions:

What is your take on wedding registries for individuals re-marrying?  Should she/he register again even if she/he registered for his/her first wedding?  What is the proper etiquette for invitees of both weddings if they gave gifts at the first wedding?


Thanks so much for your questions, I imagine it’s one that people are often faced with these as they look to re-marry.  According to Emily Post, it is perfectly fine, helpful even, for encore couples (as she calls them) to register for gifts.  If some of the guests were at their first wedding, don’t expect gifts but know that many people will still want to give them.  And if the bride & groom have little need for plates, glasses and small appliances, they should look to their interests and register for things that they will want to use, be it gardening equipment, books or movies.

Hope this helps!



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