Happy Wednesday!!  Although I grew up just minutes from the beach, I am not really a beach girl (I leave that to Miss Monogram and LAS).  However, when I do go to the beach, I try to remember these simple courtesies that make it infinitely more pleasant for everyone!

beach(we heart it)

-Be mindful of those already established on the beach.  Try to set up shop at least 15 ft away from other beach-goers.

-Your voice carries at the beach, so don’t feel the need to raise your voice to be heard.

-Don’t feed the birds.  If you do they will hang around and pester you and those around you looking for more goodies!

-Take your flip flops off when you hit the beach, otherwise you’ll kick up sand as you walk to your spot.

-No smoking.  Smoke will carry in the wind and invade everyone’s space.



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