Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We certainly did and last night (as we, at Ashley Brooke Designs are known to do) got a jump start on this week, which feels really good!
Not this weekend, but the next, I have both a bridal shower, which I am giving one of my dearest friends and a baby shower, which I’m giving with my mom and sister for a super close friend and family member!  Since I am preparing for both showers, I thought we could discuss the etiquette associated with certain lovely life celebrations.
Let’s start with the Baby Shower!  Showers can be given four to six weeks before the birth and even up to four weeks after the birth.  Waiting a little longer after the baby is born lends itself to the “Sip n See,” where family and friends come to see both mother and baby. Invitations should be sent out two-three weeks prior to the shower.
The invitation should include the mother’s (or both parent’s) name(s).  the shower date and time and a request to RSVP.  You can include gift registry information and the name or initials of the baby, if it has already been decided.  Some people love having this information so they can give a more personalized gift (I’m looking at you Miss Monogram!)

Stay tuned for more on Baby Showers tomorrow…

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