Family Illustration

I just love doing family illustrations! There is something so special about capturing such a fun stage in a family’s life. This particular design was so much fun to do, Jeanette contacted me needing personal stationery to represents their “growing” family (here is the first design I did for Jeanette and her family)!! I jumped at the opportunity to design something extra fabulous for her especially when she said “Think over the top glamour like Charlotte York from Sex in the City“! And if you know me you know there is nothing more I love than a sentence like that! So I started doing some research and my first thought was to do something that was inspired by an out fit Charlotte wore in the Sex in the City movie while pregnant! Once I showed Jeanette the inspiration she was so excited and I got to work! I just LOVE the way this entire look came together! Thanks Jeanette for bringing me such a fun project!

Here is the inspiration photo:

inspiration Outfit

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