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Though my dating days are quite over thanks my adorable Mr.,  I thought we could touch on some dating etiquette this week.  Let’s face it, dating can be tricky at best, so anything to help navigate the muddy waters has to be helpful right?

In the age of social media, texting and cell phones, I feel like people have forgotten how to ask people out on dates.  Here are a few tips:

-Find the right time to ask: Try and pick a time when the person isn’t too preoccupied.  If you are calling, avoid calling early in the morning or very late at night.  Calling work probably isn’t the best idea.

-Ask straightforwardly and specifically:  What are you doing after work Monday is not specific enough.  Ask would you like to have dinner Monday night at the new Italian place on Smith St.

-Plan the arrangements and confirm details: Where are you meeting, what time?  Call the day before and confirm the time and other details.

-Accept No without argument: If the person turns you down, graciously accept their answer and move on.

source: Emily Post’s Etiquette


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