Good Morning!  It is POURING this morning, hopefully it will clear out later today or we’ll start floating away 🙂
This past weekend one of my very best friends got married and she and her groom looked amazing and the evening was just perfect.  Maybe I’ll share a few photos later this week 😉
On rainy, yucky days like today I’m super thankful for drive-thrus.  Sometimes I wish every place had one so I could zip up in my car and not have to get out and go inside.  But even at a drive-thru window, there are things to keep in mind regarding etiquette.
Remember to be patient.  Although this is a convenience, service is not instantaneous. Don’t crowd a car in front of you or honk.  Always speak clearly into the intercom if there is one.  Have items like prescription slips or money, deposits, etc. ready to go.  And lastly, if you take something away from the drive-thru, check your receipt, bag, etc, before you pull away.
Just like everyone else, drive-thru attendants appreciate a please, thank you and a smile too!

Happy Monday!!

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