Good Morning!  I hope all of you are having an easy time getting back into the swing of things after a lovely long weekend.  We had a great Independence Day and I hope you did as well!


In today’s culture there are countless ways to greet others and acknowledge people.  A simple “hi” or “hello” is mos common and neither one obligates you to have a conversation, so don’t be afraid to share a quick hello.  If you see someone across the room, you can smile and wave or nod so as not to disturb others or if you are in a public place and can’t make it across the room!

One of the best places to practice greeting others is at home.  Take the time to say good morning to your family as you all get ready in the morning and upon arriving home from work try greeting someone with something other than “dinner’s ready,” or “the refrigerator is on the fritz.”


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