Have your cake and eat it tooThis is another fun blog design I recently finished. My sister writes a blog called “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too” where she writes witty tidbits and stories about her life, pastry school, and wedding planning. She was getting a bit jealous of all of the new blog headers I’ve been doing lately and asked me to squeeze her in, and of course, since she is my sister… I did just that! I absolutely love the way this design came out, it is completely and totally her. She bakes like a crazy person and always manages to look adorable doing it especially now that little Darcy just sits and watches! And of course I finished this design right before she got engaged so as soon as her fiance’ popped the question I had to go back and add in the rock!

Anyway, Kyla I hope you loooooove your new blog header! Sending BIG X’s & O’s your way!


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