Now that we are well into April, it’s high time to acknowledge that it is National Letter Writing and Card Month!  You know how we love a celebration around Ashley Brooke Designs 🙂

While we are emailing and twittering fiends around here. You can’t run a stationery company unless you have a deep, deep love for paper and the art of a handwritten note.  Years from now, your inbox will be empty but letters you’ve written and received will live on.  That’s the great thing about letters and notes. Not only are the infinitely more personal than other forms of communication but you can keep them forever and they serve as a sort of compact history of events.

So I encourage you to put pen to paper this month and send someone a real, honest to goodness letter.  I guarantee they’ll love it and cherish it for years to come.  And  if you need some paper, you know who to call…;)


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