Anyone who has worked with me knows I am an email fiend!  I try super hard to answer all my emails as quickly and efficiently as possible.  So I thought we’d take a look at what Ms. Post says about responding to e-mails.

mailbox with gmail on it(we heart it)

How Quickly Should You Respond?

Personal E-mail messages should be returned within one to two days but business e-mails should be returned within 24 hours, depending of course on how pressing the matter is.  If you are someone who only checks their email once a week or so (aka my grandmother)  make sure people know this so they don’t feel slighted when you don’t respond right away.

If you are going to be out of town or away from the computer for a few days, be sure and let people know or put up an out of office or vacation auto reply so senders get the message!


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