To continue this week’s summer celebration theme, I thought we top it off with road trips!  Road trips are most definitely a summer institution and a great way to bond with family and/or friends.  Here are some things to bear in mind before you hit the road!

Road in Death Valley{we heart it}

Prepare, prepare, prepare!  Make sure your car is in tip top shape before you leave.  This means the oil is changed, there is gas in the tank and your tires have proper air pressure.  Also don’t forget to have proper registration, insurance and maintenance information in the event you break down or have something go wrong.

Fuel for You!  Fuel isn’t just for the gas tank but for you too.  Avoid stopping at gas stations and filling up on chips and candy (even though that sounds tasty right now!) and instead pack fruits, veggies, sandwiches, etc. Things that will actually fill you up and won’t leave you crashing an hour later (no pun intended!).

Be aware of other drivers and resist the urge to play the games of the road. If someone wants to get over and pass you, let them, don’t try and speed up just to spite them.  Be sure and use your turn signal when switching lanes.  Stop as often as your crew needs to get out and stretch, so everyone’s attitude and disposition stays positive.


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