We all know that different places have different “rules” that apply.  I thought here at Ashley’s Daily Dose of Etiquette we would look at a couple of key points for various places you may find yourself.
In a department store:  If you can’t find a salesperson, approach the nearest register and ask where you can find an associate to help.  If an associate is hovering it is perfectly fine to say “Thanks for your help but I’d like to look on my own and I’ll come find you when I’m ready to check out.”
At a pharmacy: Call in your Rx unless you are prepared to wait.  If there are unexpected changes in your insurance, cost of prescription, etc. don’t take it out on your pharmacist.
At the salon: Be on time since your tardiness could mess up the schedule for the rest of the day. Also be honest but kind if you decide to switch stylists.  You should never just disappear.  Maybe something like “I just feel like I’m in a rut and I’d love to try one of Daisy’s crazy haircuts to spice things up!”  Likewise if you aren’t happy with a cut or color, speak up as soon as possible so it can be corrected the next day.

At yard sales:  Honor any request for no early birds and carry small bills.  Also, leave display as you found them, not in disarray!

Stayed tuned later today for a peek another Ashley Brooke Designs custom illustration!



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