Last week, while in NYC, the ABD girls spent our fair share of time in taxi cabs.  Some experiences were fabulous, some drivers needed a refresher.  But I thought I’d pass on a couple of quick taxi etiquette tips for the next time you find yourself in the back of a cab.

taxi cabs{we heart it}

When hailing a cab, do not jump in front of someone who is waiting in front of you and has been waiting longer than you.

Give your driver clear directions first thing and let him or her know if you’d like to take a specific route.

Your driver should be able to change a $20 bill but it is not there job to provide change, so be sure and have small bills on hand.

Tip based on the service you received.  Take into account a clean cab, comfortable ride and the demeanor of your driver when deciding just how much.

source: Emily Post’s Etiquette


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