My Newborn Favorites

Just a little over a month in with baby boy and here’s what I’m loving!

I can’t believe I have a six-week-old baby!!! HOW is that possible?! It feels like he’s been here for a lifetime already… and in the best way. But over these last few weeks, I’ve definitely found a handful of favorite newborn things that I wanted to share.

This list is *absolutely* subjective to you and your baby, so please know that what works for me might not work for you. There are a few things that my girlfriends swore by that Laurens didn’t love and some suggestions that I literally cannot live without this play mat. It’s funny how someone *so* tiny can have all the opinions!

The below items have been my absolute favorites for the beginning stages of baby. Some are very practical (like these and this) and some are a little more impractical (like this onesie with ALL the buttons, takes forever to put on but I do not care!). And some that I just I-o-v-e, like this little handsome two-piece set!

ashley brooke newborn favorites

I’ll put together a new mom favorites list as well sometime soon! I definitely have some items for me that have made it on the must-have list.

And what about my fellow mamas? What were your newborn favorites that you couldn’t have done without? Would love to know!

A Few Favorites From The List

Hands down two of my very favorite products on this list are the Snoo and our Moses basket. Laurens absolutely loves both and we truly use both daily. He sleeps in the Snoo at night and throughout the day he’s most often found in the Moses basket (see here!).

I love having the Moses basket in the living room so he’s nearby while in the kitchen, doing laundry, etc. Plus, it keeps him close but safely out of Dolly’s reach. Dolly has been THE BEST and is in looooove with him (can you even with their meet cute!), but if the UPS guy shows up and rings the door bell, she can’t be trusted not to jump off her perch on the couch and onto him in the DockATot on accident! So I feel so much better when he’s tucked safely inside of his basket!

And the Snoo, well, it’s kind of MAGICAL. I was totally on the fence about it, but wow. If you, too, are on the fence, I will say… it’s well worth it. The rocking soothes him back to sleep throughout the night, which is such a a game changer, especially with c-section recovery. Ryan is in full-on dad mode throughout the night, as I’ve had a really hard time physically getting in and out of bed, and the Snoo was like a third set of hands. It’s AMAZING!

** Update!** Now that Laurens is sleeping in his crib at night (he still naps in the Snoo!) I love our Newton Mattress . It’s 100% breathable and washable, AND gives me so much peace of mind. I have a $50 off code here.

Also, this jersey swaddle and the Ollie swaddle are our go-tos.

And these blankets are our favorite, especially for Florida! So lightweight, adorable, and breezy! I had ordered one before he was born and by day five, I had another few on the way.

I searched high and low for a neutral Boppy cover and I found one on Etsy! I love this linen cover so much, and since I pretty much use the Boppy all day long, I’m glad I ordered a cover I really liked. Also, this is totally random, but our rocker is SO. AMAZING. Five stars… I live in that thing. Can’t say enough great things about it.

Two other items that are must-haves (for us!) are the Hatch nightlight and travel sound machine. The nightlight has been SO helpful for nighttime feedings, it’s super easy to use and just overall great. And I actually have two travel sound machines! I keep one in the Moses basket and one in his diaper bag (tucked in here) for his carseat and stroller. Laurens looooves it. And I looooove when he gets some good rest!

*See our stroller and carseat set up here and our nursery reveal here.

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  1. The ollie swaddle came recommended by a friend for our son so we bought it before he was born, at first (first 2-3 months he hated it ) but eventually it became our saving grace for sleep.

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