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The no-plan plan…

With the clock officially ticking on baby number two, I thought it would be fun to chat about my maternity leave plan or, ahem, lack thereof! I honestly have no idea what life will look like with two little ones, a house that most certainly needs to be unboxed and is still under construction, and just life as always. But what I can say with certainty is that it will sure be sweet.

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I will be taking a little maternity and summer hiatus from the blog for the next few weeks (months?) as we settle into being a family of four. Honestly, this reality is a total dream for us and and the answer to so many prayers that I just want to take time to soak it all in—the wonder of it all. Plus, those sleepy newborn days just go so darn fast!

Even though we will be a little quieter here on the blog, I’ll definitely be popping in to share sweet moments over on Instagram.

As much as I’m looking forward to (and slightly anxious about) what it looks like to be a working mom of two, for now, I can’t wait to just be a mom of two. Truly my wildest dreams come true.

Thank you for being here and for all the ways you constantly show up for me and our little family. This job is truly so special and it’s because of you. Grateful to have you on my team, especially during this next season of motherhood.

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But if you want to catch up on a few baby related things, here are my registry must-haves, my maternity style here and here (lots more over on LTK and ShopMy, too!), and all of my general maternity favorites.

Wish me luck! And sending so much love your way! xx

Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. Soak it all in!!! I’m so excited for this next chapter in your family’s beautiful story. You are the best mom to adorable Laurens and your little girl is so blessed to have you and Ryan as parents. Take care of you and your family! Sending love, good luck wishes, and prayers your way. ❤️

  2. You could not look any more beautiful if you tried! Because I love your content here I will miss you. That being said, home and family are #1 and I would be wondering about you if you jumped right back in! All good wishes for the upcoming birth-day and I look forward to seeing you here when the time is right!

  3. So excited for you both but as a mom of 2 I can assure you it’s easier with the second. Your more relaxed about what to do and not as anxious about “what if I break them”. Best wishes. Can’t wait.

  4. What a gorgeous dress – you look amazing! Take all the time you need. We’re all here when you are ready to return. Prayers & positive thoughts for your upcoming birth & all the good things ahead. Enjoy your sweet family this summer

  5. Hey girl- This is so exciting! I will be praying for you and your little family. Trust in the Lord always. Can’t wait to see the new addition. Y’all have a blessed Summer!

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