We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a question from a reader!  This stems from last weeks post on beverage etiquette:

Hey, I was just reading your post about tea and coffee and was wondering, when you are served a drink in a bar and they put the stir stick in.  What should you do with that?  I use it to stir and then dispose of it as soon as I can.  Some people drink from it ;(.  What is proper?  Just curious!


Well, according to Emily Post’s Etiquette, this is the proper way to handle straws and stir sticks placed in cocktails:

“When drinking a cocktail the only non edible item you should leave in your glass is a straw; swizzle sticks and paper umbrella go onto the table or your bread plate.  At parties hold such accoutrements in a napkin until you find a waste receptacle. “

Hope this helps Pat, thanks for your question!!

Ashley Brooke


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