August’s Book

Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

I can’t believe August is finally here, before we know it we’ll be drinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes cuddled up with our books”¦ I don’t know about you, but I’m READY for Fall!

This month we are reading Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein. I don’t know about you but I am really feeling the absence of the Summer Olympics we were promised this year so I couldn’t resist choosing this book which revolves around the world of competitive gymnastics. A great story with lots of layers, I hope Head Over Heels prove to be a fun Summer read that fills that Olympics sized hole in your heart.

Ashley Brooke

August’s Book

Quick Summary

Set in the world of competitive gymnastics, Head Over Heels follows Avery Abrams, one time Olympic hopeful whose dream ended in a disastrous Olympic trial 7 years ago. After getting out of a high profile relationship Avery heads home to Massachusetts to pick up the pieces. Eventually she ends up back at her old gym helping a coach, Ryan, train the next great Olympic hopeful. Just as Avery is getting comfortable re-entering a world she once knew so well, a scandal breaks that changes everything.

August’s Book

About The Author

Hannah Orenstein is the author of Playing with Matches and Love at First Like, as well as the senior dating editor at Elite Daily. Previously, she was a writer and editor at She lives in New York.

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From The Editors

For those of you, like me, who are missing the Summer Olympics this year, this book is for you! By chapter three you will be rooting for these characters and holding your breath for a gold medal. I promise, this is your next great read.

Ashley Brooke

A rom-com coupled with Olympic gymnastics?! Has Hannah Orenstein been reading my dream journal? I am a hard core Olympics fan girl and gymnastics is probably my favorite Olympic sport. This book is fun and fizzy but also has depth as it pulls back the curtain on one of my favorite pastimes.


This is the CUTEST read! It strikes the perfect balance between a heartwarming romance and a commentary on important issues. You will fall in love with these characters and root for them the whole way through!


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