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The sweetest notes I’ve ever written!

I’m a stationery girl. As many of you know, I got my start in the stationery industry and that’s actually what prompted me to publish my first blog post, ha! (more here) So when I say that I *love* paper, I mean it. And naturally it’s one of the first baby things I thought to order.

As soon as we found that we were having a boy and started telling extended family and friends, little baby gifts started arriving here and there, which has been so sweet. It’s hard to resist scooping up a cute little onesie or two for a friend who’s expecting, trust me, I GET IT! And I’m so grateful for these tiny adorable gifts.

But I quickly realized that I needed to get this baby some stationery for thank-you notes, and ASAP!

puppy stationery // bunny stationery // floral stationery // blue forever stamps

One of the first places I looked was Dogwood Hill. I love their paper products. I have quite a few sets of my own stationery from Dogwood Hill and I never miss scooping up their wrapping paper for the holidays.. which is always *such* a hit!

What I like about Dogwood Hill’s products is that they have almost anything I’m looking for. It isn’t just one style, although I would say it does lean Southern, but a collection of designs from different artists. So you really have a lot of options.

After browsing I settled on this heart-meltingly SWEET puppy and turtle set with matching envelopes, this adorable bunny hop set , AND a blue/green floral set for myself. I couldn’t choose one, I had to get them all.

Also, I just love this sweet floral set, rose bunny set, and this pink bow set for a girl!


Favorite Finds

Puppy and Turtle stationery from Dogwood Hill

dogwood hill

baby stationery

shop here

A picture of Love Stamps Ashley Brooke bought for her baby stationery


blue forever stamps

shop here

Another thing I was a little nutty about was making sure I had coordinating stamps. I know, I know. But I can’t help it… this is who I am.

So I headed to my favorite place for stamps, Etsy, and I was THRILLED to find quite a few sweet options! I knew I didn’t want a ton of random vintage stamps where I had to constantly do math to mail one envelope at a time, so I was hoping to find a blue forever stamp. That’s exactly what I searched for and these ‘love’ stamps popped right up. They were perfect!

If you are looking for something pink, these are just as sweet. 🙂

All of that to say, I’m having *way* too much fun already and he hasn’t even gotten here yet! Just having this stationery on my desk makes me smile.


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