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Freshly Sharpened Pencils

Sometimes I feel there needs to be a back-to-school season, but for adults! Growing up, I loved going shopping for school supplies and picking out cute new notebooks and pencils for the start of the school year. Years later, I still get excited over the little things, like floral notepads and a new planner. It’s crazy what just a few new pencils and stationery can do for your mood and productivity. So this year, I’ve decided to coin a new term and embrace the “Back to Desk” season by sprucing up my at-home office. As the summer starts wrapping up and so do spontaneous summer vacations, I’ll be spending a lot more time in my home office, and it’s always nice to have fresh stationery and something new to look forward to when I sit down to work each day.


I don’t think I could live without a paper planner! Even with so much of my calendar online these days, there’s still something special about writing pen to paper. I love Simplified, Golden Coil, and Day Designer for planners… and the same goes with a to-do list. I can’t be the only one who feels more motivated to get things done when I get to check things off on a cute notepad, ha! I also love picking up a box of new pencils. This Rifle Paper Co. pencil set is gorgeous! I also love the rectangular eraser on this set of graphite pencils; it feels so practical, and I wish I had these back in school! 

These erasable pastel markers are so fun and would look beautiful displayed on your desk, along with these gorgeous brass dalmatian scissors“”the detail is incredible! Lastly, although mugs don’t technically fall under the back-to-school category, I love sitting at my desk with an afternoon cup of coffee while I go through emails or work on writing a blog post. This pretty handmade daisy mug was made for me!! I just can’t decide if I should get it in pink or blue!


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