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Even though my school days are over, my love for school supplies are definitely NOT. There is little I love more in life than school supplies and desk accessories, I even made a career out of it! Without fail, each year in August I start to crave new Sharpies, notebooks, and this year… a back pack (<– how cute is that?!)

My sister also shares my love for all things “back to school”. So every Fall we like to put together little “gift boxes” for each other with a few fun new supplies plus a gift card so the other can R-U-N to the nearest Target and buy all the glitter pens our hearts can handle! So this year, I thought I’d show you what I whipped up for her. 


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My goal each year is not to spend a bucket of money, but still get her something that she can use and wants.  This year, I put together a few fun I found at Staples that were on sale, like these gold pens, Sharpies, Post-Its, and phone charger… that way I could use the rest of my budget on the gift card! Also, of course, I threw in an ABD notebook, because let’s be real… no desk is complete without an ABD notebook


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Since I thought it would be more fun to make this gift more of a bundle, I pulled some tinsel and ribbon out of our craft closet and just layered everything on top of each other. At the last minute I threw in some gum and a granola bar because, snacks. duh. 


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I topped the bundle off with a hand made tag from white construction paper and voila! The best looking back to school bundle you’ve ever seen. And let’s be real, you’d be CRAZY not to freak out over something THIS cute!

If I were you, I’d hit those back to school sales this weekend and make your bestie or sister one of these! And don’t forget, you can pick up a Style Everywhere Visa Gift Card at most convenience stores or online at


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Happy gifting friends! 


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Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 


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