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As If. 

I’m starting to really crave a good old fashioned back to school shopping day… who’s with me?!!

Every year before school my mom would take my sister and I on a mother-daughter-shopping day with our girlfriends and their moms. We would all meet up and caravan an hour away to the “fancy mall” to do our back to school shopping together. We’d break around noon for lunch, and then… go back in for more! Once we finished our shopping and crammed the minivans full of Limited Too bags, we’d pile back in and head home to put on a fashion show for our dads. To say it was the BEST EVER would be a total understatement. We looked forward to back to school shopping ALL. YEAR. LONG. We’d pour over our favorite catalogs and pick out what we were hoping to get on that day, we’d make lists, and cut out pictures…. it was so much fun! And right about now I’d like to take a trip to the mall and make some of that back to school shopping magic happen!  

So here is what is currently on my back to school shopping (aka poster board collage) list: 




Metallic Backpack, Duh.

I am dying over this metallic backpack, and at only $45 the Cher moment I have been waiting to have this season seems totally doable. 

buy it here! 



Ashley Brooke Designs - J.McLaughlin

Perfect Plaid Dress 

Since I live in Florida and the Fall temperatures hover at around 87 degrees, this seems like the PERFECT Fall dress! It’s season appropriate, and of course cool enough to wear in the Florida heat. Plus, let’s be real here, how cute would we all look getting our Pumpkin Spice Lattes in this?!

buy it here!



Ashley Brooke Designs - Madewell Jean Jacket

Denim Jacket 

How is it that I do not own a denim jacket?! Seriously though, how did that happen?! 

I need this one, I want this one, I gotta HAVE this one!

buy it here! 



Ashley Brooke Designs - Draper James Dress

Floral Dress 


I am a total sucker for a floral dress, and this one in all of it’s pastel pink and A-line glory had me at “hello”! 

buy it here! 


Ashley Brooke Designs - pink J. Crew sunnies

Rose Pink Sunnies 

It would be like literally seeing the world through rose colored glasses. A total must. 

buy them here! 



Ashley Brooke Designs - Steve Madden Shoe

Nude Suede Chunky Heels 

That’s it, these shoes must be in my closet. At under $90 this seems like a no brainer, especially since they would go with pretty much everything I own.

buy them here! 



Okay, so that is my list! What is on your “back to school” shopping list! I am dying to know! Spill all your Fall shopping secrets! 


*Top image borrowed from the Daily Mail


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