Good Tuesday Morning!  We are up and at ’em today at Ashley Brooke Designs and I’ve been thinking about bosses.  Everybody has things they like and don’t like about their boss.  And if you are like me and are a boss or are aspiring to be one someday, you want to a well-liked, fair and honest one.  Here are some etiquette tips on being a good boss!

Me Boss, You Not Mug

{via We Heart It}

–Know your employees can’t read minds.  If you want a certain task done a certain way or done at all, be specific and spell it out for employees

–Be courteous.  Greet employees with kindness.

–Learn how to criticize constructively.  Employees won’t always behave or complete tasks to your satisfaction.  It’s important to know how to express your displeasure calmly and directly so that the employee knows what is expected in the future.

–Respect your employees time.  If you consistently ask for overtime or intrude on employees during non-business hours, employees may become frustrated with your management.


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