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Can someone explain to me WHY baby and toddler cups are so dang hard?! I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent trying to find the best baby sippy cups… it’s an actual racket. Anyway, recently I have finally found three cups that have really worked for us so I wanted to share. Obviously every baby is different, so keep that in mind! In fact, some baby sippy cups came highly recommended and just flat out didn’t work for Laurens… but the below three are our staples.

I’m working on a full updated baby post on all of our favorite things at this one-year-old stage… my heart! But in the meantime, here are my new mom and newborn favorites along with our 4-month and 8-month essentials, and my daily routine with a five month old, but it’s all so different now! Will report back on this soon. Also upcoming is a big round-up of the cutest summer boy clothes (again, why are toddler boy clothes so dang hard!), but I keep Laurens’ outfits updated here if you want to take a peek. But for now, let’s get into the CUPS.

that post swim/nap hair is the absolute best!

Best Sippy Cups For Babies & Toddlers

Baby Sippy Cup

This little cup has been fantastic. It’s fully silicone so we were able to squeeze the water out the straw when Laurens was learning how to use a straw. It was messy but brilliant. And we still use this cup and love it! My only complaint is that he now knows how to pull out the straw and that is a very *very* fun game, ha! But I’d 100% perfect recommend it while learning.

No-Spill Sippy Cup

A girlfriend recommended this baby sippy cup and I’m so glad she did. Every other sippy cup I tried either spilled everywhere or just didn’t work for Laurens. This one was so great that I bought a second one after using it for one day. We now use one for milk and one for water. I honestly can’t say enough good things about these cups.

No-Spill Insulated Smoothie Cup

This may be my best Amazon find of all time. I am OBSESSED with these tiny smoothie cups. They are so perfectly adorable, and I just melt when Laurens happily drinks his smoothie in the morning. And they also really work! The silicone straw is genius, and it really is as spill proof as possible. I’ve also put hot oatmeal in the cup and it’s stayed warm for hours. WE. LOVE. THIS. CUP. (And if you are wondering, this is our daily smoothie that I will just portion out for Laurens!)

Stroller Straps

Okay, and one last thing… these silicone straps are awesome. I hook them to his highchair or stroller and it keeps him from throwing the cup on the floor. It’s also awesome for toys like Sophie!

Fingers crossed this is helpful for you. Toddler and baby sippy cups are so confusing, but these all get 5-stars from the Chambers family!


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