Ashley Brooke - The Best High Waisted Skinny Jeans | 

Your new favorite pair of jeans!

Let’s talk denim. First off, let me just preface this post with the fact that my least favorite thing in life is shopping for new denim. I like to wear the same jeans until there are holes in them and they are basically unwearable. Let’s face it, you are supposed to be comfortable in denim, so when you find that magic pair… you don’t dare take them off!

Also, I like to play favorites.

A few weeks ago I realized it was high time I start the denim search. I have been wearing the same pair of “rockstar” Old Navy jeans since our honeymoon three years ago and they were starting to look their age. I’ve tried jeans from both ends of the price spectrum and still didn’t find the right ones. So after a long search, I came across two pairs of “high waisted” jeans that I thought I might give a good old college try! I absolutely love all things high waisted but I was a little concerned that in denim they would be anything but comfortable or flattering.  I was SO wrong! 

As soon as I tried on both of these… I knew I had found my match made in denim heaven. 

Ashley Brooke - The Best High Waisted Skinny Jeans |

Ashley Brooke - The Best High Waisted Skinny Jeans |


I now live in this gray Talbots (yes, TALBOTS!) pair and these dark denim Vineyard Vines ones as well. I’m obsessed with both pairs and they have easily become my favorite pieces in my closet. I’ve been rotating them throughout the week and I honestly can’t get enough. I have my eye on the other colors as well….

To be fair, I’ve been wearing Vineyard Vines denim for a few years now and have been loving every second of it. I have two pairs of their white jeans and you honestly can’t beat them, but these, they change the game! Also, who even knew about Talbots?! Totally came out of left field and I love it. I wore this gray pair my entire trip to NYC a few weeks ago (here’s proof). The obsession is real. 

Lastly, did I mention that they are both under $100? Bananas. 


Ashley Brooke - The Best High Waisted Skinny Jeans |


Hopefully, I’ve officially convinced to get on board with the high waisted denim trend and to order yourself a pair ASAP! Just think how cute you will be this Fall strutting around town in a new pair of skinnies! 

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