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Perfecting the “Grown Up” Girls Night!


The older I get, the more I look forward to girl’s nights! During college we were all constantly together, we rolled in a pack and were 100% inseparable. We went out together, got ready for parties in one big bathroom together, we studied together, we just did all of life together… and it was the best. But over the past few years we’ve each gotten married and most of them have already had little ones of their own, so our girl’s nights look a lot different, but to be honest, they are so much better.


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We tend to meet in the middle at my house, after they’ve tucked their babes in for the night and we drink wine in our pajamas, eat dessert, and try on each-other’s lipsticks while we do all the girl talk we can handle. Eventually one or all of us starts yawning and realizing that come 6:00 am the next morning we have to be fully functioning adults. Even though our girl’s night look different from the body glitter days (oh, that was real.) they are so much better and more full! 


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Cake & Ice Cream

Another thing I love about this season is how much we have taken the pressure off each other. Not that it was ever intentionally put it on, but celebrations and birthdays were something that we would kill ourselves over, but recently, we’ve started celebrating each other’s birthdays in a way that is so much more fun for our busy lives! We order a cake from Cold Stone (one of our favorite places to frequent in college, there was one right around the corner from our apartments), wrap gifts, and celebrate each other in our pajamas. It’s like our girl’s night, just with cake and ice cream! Since our lives are all so busy with work, travel, husbands, family, and little ones… our birthday night/girl’s night has become something we all love!


No pressure, but still all the love! 

We schedule our girl’s night about once a month or so (2x’s if we are lucky and the stars aline!) we try and make it happen around whoever’s birthday is next, because any excuse for an ice cream cake is a good excuse! I usually will just order the cake online (gosh is there anything better than online ordering?!) and swing by Cold Stone and the wine store after work, wrap up my gift, change into my favorite pink pajama pants and voila!! The party is officially handled! 


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Lastly, I love that Cold Stone makes cakes in different sizes, this one is the larger cake (8″), but a lot of times I will just order the small 6″ cake that way we don’t have any leftovers, because let’s be real… I’ll eat it for breakfast and we can’t have that! 

So your next girl’s night, or your next Wednesday night, because like I said you never need an excuse for cake… pop on over to Cold Stone and treat yo’self! 


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P.S. If  you are looking for recommendations (I consider myself a cake connoisseur)… The Strawberry Passion, Cookies and Creamery, and The Midnight Delight are my favorites! 


In Partnership with Cold Stone Creamery 

Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 





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