The Best Outdoor Toys For Baby

We are living outside and loving every minute…

Honestly, I’ve never loved our backyard more! Adding Laurens into the mix has just made this space all the more F-U-N and to be honest, we spend most of our days right here, surrounded by all the best outdoor toys for baby. A handful of years ago Ryan transformed our small unkempt space into something really beautiful (here’s the before and after!), and I’m so grateful.

When we set out on a backyard renovation we had this season of *baby* in mind and it’s just so fun to be finally be in it and be using this little-but-mighty space the way we dreamed. Makes me grateful for all those afternoons we sweat it out back here hanging string lights, laying pavers, and carefully choosing brick! WHAT A JOURNEY.

Because we are out here so much we’ve collected quite a few items that have made our time spent in the sunshine even more fun. So I thought I’d share all the best outdoor toys for baby and everything we love with you!

Blow-Up Pool & Umbrella

Okay, we did a pool play date with my niece a few weeks ago and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I blew up our pool, popped open our travel beach umbrella (obsessed with this brand, ours has held up so well!), thew out a few towels and fired up the bubble machine. There were SO MANY GIGGLES. Honestly, it was a one of those *mom highlight* days for me. We had the absolute best time.

Set up was so minimal, but the fun was MAX. We now just keep the pool inflated (and on its side on our back porch) because we are officially in pool season here in Florida and there is nothing cuter than littles in an inflatable pool.

Pop-Up Play Tent

This pop-up play tent and bubble machine has been the MVP of baby gear for us. We take it everywhere… even to the beach (more of our beach favorites here) and beyond! Laurens loves his tent and will play in it for hours, especially when it’s outside. And as soon as you turn on the bubbles, he is in heaven. I love having a safe space for him to play with his cars while I water the plants or drink my coffee. I honestly think this is my favorite baby item of all time.

I get questions about this mattress insert and cover almost daily! I would say it’s 100% worth ordering. At first we just had a little blanket, but with him on the move the blanket was getting tangled.

Bike Seat

So I know this isn’t technically backyard, but it’s outdoor *fun* and you need to know about it! Riding bikes (with this bike seat!) have been our new outdoor activity and it’s been so much fun. Both Ryan and Laurens love it… the grin on both of their faces is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Their new go-to thing is to head to the baseball fields after work on the bike to watch little league play, and well, it’s adorable!

All The Best Outdoor Toys For Baby

This dinosaur situation had me laughing… feels necessary!

This bounce house is all on my list! SO FUN.

We use this waterproof picnic blanket almost ever day. Also, let’s not forget about the blue quilt!

I just ordered this butterfly garden kit (and coordinating books!) for a neighbor friend, and now I think we need it.

The tiniest helmet you’ve ever seen. I CANNOT DEAL. Laurens doesn’t mind wearing it at all when he’s biking with Dad!

Also, the swing, the swing! It’s our favorite thing.

Obsessed with these towels from Lands’ End, so soft!

These water tables are so fun…. next on my list!



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