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My Favorite Thing to Collect

I used to think I didn’t “collect” things, but that was just a lie I was telling myself, because I do. I totally do. I may not collect cat figurines (although I did when I was little, remember Calico Kittens?! ha!) or thimbles or stamps, but OH do I collect. I collect linen napkins, glassware, vases, and most of all, vintage china. Truth be told, it’s an obsession.

I often find myself dreaming of having a separate garage that I could turn into my entertaining barn and house all of my “prized” collections, because whether I’m picking up finds on our travels or hunting them down online, each little dessert plate or tea cup has a story. Plus, they’re just so darn pretty!

Where I Shop for Vintage China

I’m constantly on the hunt for a new plate (or 4!) and these are a few of my favorite resources…

Etsy – Gosh, I absolutely LOVE Etsy and have seriously found so many amazing pieces there! Whether it’s a full china set like this one, completing my great grandmother’s daisy juice glass collection she left to me, or finding pretty little dessert plates for a party, Etsy is hands down my go-to. – I find this site to both incredibly overwhelming and thrilling. They literally have everything, including this pattern I have my eye on. The thing I love the most about is that you are able to search by pattern, color, type, etc. The options are endless and if what you’re looking for is out of stock you can have them “Find This For Me” and they will find it for you! I absolutely love this site.

eBay – Okay, so in all transparency, I like Etsy better than eBay for vintage china… BUT with that being said, I have tracked down some really good stuff. You just have to be specific and know what you’re looking for! Like this Fleur de Lys pattern I am totally OBSESSED WITH.

Local Vintage/Antique/Thrift Shops – And last but certainly not least, local shops! I make a point to always pop into a local shop when we are traveling! I have found some of my favorite pieces out and about. Never underestimate a shop that may look a little rough around the edges on the outside, because there’s usually a few hidden gems on the inside! Whether you’re traveling or running errands around town, do a quick Google maps search for a “vintage shop or antique store”. I pinky promise you’ll be surprised at what you find!


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  1. It is so wonderful to read about your appreciation for fine china, as I am a kindred spirit when it comes to pretty things. I inherited a 1930s era fine china service for 12 from my mom’s cousin who was married to a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals. My family wants to keep it, but we don’t have the space to store it. I’m trying to find it a home where it will be loved and cared for, as it has been all these years. The pattern is Le Roy by TK Thun. Besides the usual online resale locations, do you have any thoughts as to how I can accomplish this?

    • Your comment is practically the same as mine would be. I do not have the full set of dinner ware. I do have several plates of different sizes and a few serving pieces. I’m not knowledgeable on this, but just the opposite. Markings are “ELITE / L / FRANCE” in dark greenish. The other is in red
      “ELITE WORKS” / a crest or symbol/
      LIMOGES /FRANCE. They were given to me about 60 years ago.
      My son does not want them & I have no need for them. I want someone who appreciates china to enjoy!

  2. I have loved reading your blog. I own a tiny but full vintage china shop across the pond from you in England. I’m probably biased but I thonk English vintage china is the best in the world (although I have purchased some beautiful German and Bavarian sets). I am presently in Switzerland seeing my family and hunting down all the Brockenhouses for vintage and second hand finds (Thrift and charity shops are not a ‘thing’ here) – I have purchased some beautiful glassware and just need to get it safely back to England on the plane now.

  3. Hi, Ashley, My name is Cherry and I own an event rental company. Much of my inventory is vintage although I recently added some newer china.

    I have a question that I need help answering. Here goes: What is it about vintage china that speaks to us? It certainly speaks to me. I have a warehouse full but I find myself asking what the attraction is for some of us. My daughter loves quilts and hand embroidery but her dishes are Heath, a local pottery made here in Northern California. So, I’m just trying to figure out what delights abs fascinates me about vintage china. Feel like sharing? It would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Do you have any recommendations for shops in the Central Florida area? I’m always intimidated or unsure about where to go.

    • I’m in central Florida as well. And would appreciate any recommendations about shops or people interested in some pieces of Limoges France. White with pink flowers. I’m down sizing and have no room.

  5. Me too!!!! I need to build a room onto my house for all my dishes! I hang them on the wall, used chipped ones for mosaics, have plate racks on my walls…..dishes are so beautiful! There is a design for everyone and I seem to find them all! LOL!!! 🙂

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