Ashley Brooke's best purchases of 2019


NY baseball cap // J.Crew White Tee Shirt & Denim // Vineyard Vines Cashmere Hoodie (old, similar here and affordable version here) // Draper James Backpack c/o // M.Gemi Tennis Shoes c/o

Only The Favorites

Happy day after Christmas, friends! I hope the last few days were absolutely magical… I’m just popping in to share a few of my favorite finds from this year and then I’m promptly heading back to the couch to resume my hot cocoa induced Christmas coma!

Below are some of mind and Ryan’s greatest finds and purchases this year… most of which are on sale today. So if you are doing a little post holiday shopping, here are my faves! 😉

Clothes, Shoes, & Accessories

The basics I’m always grabbing.

I feel like I’m on a mission to nail my basics. I have lots of fun, frilly clothes, but the basics has always been where I struggle. So this year I made a point to grab them, like these Lululemon Leggings (amazing), these white sneakers, these t-shirts (I wear an xs), these basic camis, this pair of denim, this chambray shirt, these headbands, these cardigans, this tote bag, this backpack, this chemise, this cropped sweater, and of course a baseball cap!

Home & Appliances

the items we use daily.

We made some major home and appliance improvements this year and I’m SO GLAD we did. It’s so funny how things like these towels (OMG. GET THEM.) and these sheets (obsessed) have actually changed everything! And this year’s true MVP is most definitely our new Dyson cordless vacuum. Gosh. It’s amazing. We also love our Echo Dots, Nest Thermostat, Blink security cameras, non-stick bakeware set, Apple watch, KitchenAid Nespresso Maker, Moccamaster coffee maker, fellow coffee mugs, and wifi smart plugs. We of course didn’t buy all of these at once… but little by little we’ve turned this house into a smart home!

Beauty & Bath

so many great new finds!

I’m a sucker for a good beauty product and this year I have found SO MANY new favorites. Like the Ultra Facial Cleanser and Cannabis oil from Kiehl’s, this bath mit and lip scrubber I use almost daily, a bubble bath I can’t get enough of, Maybelline Super Stay Lip Crayons (WOW what a good find), Giorgio Armani Foundation (life changing), T3 Hot rollers, Cricket Teasing Comb, and Donna Karen deodorant. Honestly, I could go on and ON.

… what are your favorite purchases of the year?


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  1. I’ve bought several items based on your instagram/blog recommendations. Definitely love the lip crayon and use it daily. Also love your pretty pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I asked for the Fellow mug for Christmas based on your rec AND I LOVE IT! Always love the things you recommend. Your blog is my favorite. Thanks for being you and sharing with us!

  3. The Maybeline Lip Crayon, Shark robot that you only have to dump once a month, and Anything From Draper James. I’m obsessed with Draper James. ❤️

  4. Laniege lip sleeping mask, checkered Vans, Ola Kui flip flops and sandals, Spanx jeanish denim, Madewell Roadtrippers, Clinique Take the day off balm, J. Crew ribbon wrapped hoop earrings, Microblading!

  5. On the off chance you see this… headed from Tampa to Winter Park tomorrow. Is that still a cute spot to shop and grab lunch? Haven’t been in ages! Thanks!

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