Ashley Brooke reviewing Giorgio Armani Lipstick on
Ashley Brooke reviewing Giorgio Armani Lipstick on


Something Navy Dress // J.McLaughlin Clutch (similar here) // Giorgio Armani Lipstick “#400” c/o // Schutz Shoes // Tom Ford Eye Color Quad “Nude Dip”

Withstanding the Heat

It may not technically be Summer yet, but here in Florida, the heat and humidity have arrived! This means it’s officially time to get creative in the beauty department.

With Summer comes longer days, warmer nights, and carefree adventures, but with it also comes that makeup-melting humidity!

This past weekend Ryan and I took a little road trip to Miami.  Before we started packing I checked the weather to see what the humidity levels were going to be and, to be honest, I was hoping they’d be high! I really wanted to try out a few new beauty products I had just bought from Nordstrom. I’m a firm believer that you can judge a beauty product by its ability to withstand the heat… literally! And friends, I got my wish! South Beach brought the heat and humidity all weekend long, so when I say these products have been tested, y’all they’ve been TESTED.

On Sunday afternoon we got all dolled up and headed out for pre-dinner cocktails at one or our favorite places in Miami, The Edition Hotel. We’ve stayed at The Edition a few times and I highly recommend it. Their Matador Bar is definitely worth the trip, and was the perfect excuse to try out my new beauty finds!

Giorgio Armani Lipstick and Tom Ford Eyeshadow on
Ashley Brooke reviewing Giorgio Armani Lipstick on

No. 1 Lipstick

No. 1: Lipstick

I was so excited to try Giorgio Armani’s Lip Icon Set that came with a matte red, liquid pink, and a creamy nude. I love a good lipstick, and since I’m obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with all of my Giorgio Armani beauty products I was so excited to try the lipsticks.

For the last 6 months I’ve used Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation and Power Fabric Concealer daily and can’t get enough. Both are lightweight enough to wear on the regular and for fancy night out. They incredibly withstand Florida’s heat and humidity, so I had high hopes for the lipsticks.

First of all, let me just remind you just HOW picky I am about red lipstick. I’m truly the worst about it, because red lipstick is LOUD and a statement, so you have to feel confident when you are wearing it. You can’t be wearing a lipstick that is drying, or smudge-y, or thick. It has to be just right. And I think I may have just found my new-go-to-red. This lipstick in Rouge Matte #400 is quite possibly the perfect red.

It’s the most lightweight lipstick I’ve ever worn which is CRAZY to me because the pigment and coverage is INTENSE. Seriously, I don’t know what else to say other than, you have to try this one out. Also, it’s not the least bit drying… it’s rare to find all of those in a lipstick, but apparently Giorgio Armani has cracked the lipstick code.

It’s no surprise here that the red one was my favorite of the trio, but I was pleasantly shocked that all three colors were wearable on my skin tone. The nude color made me nervous, but I wore it to dinner on the last night and loved it!

So 3 for 3, I’m a yes to all things Giorgio Armani.

No. 2: Eyeshadow

Also, I finally got the chance to try out the Quad Eyeshadow Palette from Tom Ford Beauty! I have been a longtime admirer from afar of TFB, but this was my first time trying the brand. It’s admittedly expensive, but I just kept hearing so many great things that I finally pulled the trigger. I wanted to see if it was worth the hype!

I bought the pallete in “Nude Dip” and when it came in I was truthfully shocked in how beautiful it was! Not only where the colors perfectly pigmented and soft, but the slight shimmer made them feel special! I loved creating a soft smoky eye using this palette and will definitely be saving up to get another color set or two.

If you are looking to update your beauty routine for Summer I cannot recommend these Nordstrom Beauty products enough! I love shopping beauty at Nordstrom because their free shipping/return policy is just too dang hard to beat. Plus they have one of my favorite luxury selections! I rounded up a few of my favorite (must have, can’t live without!) items below!

Happy Shopping, friends!

Favorite Nordstrom Beauty

Ashley Brooke in Something Navy Dress on
Ashley Brooke reviewing Giorgio Armani Lipstick on


Something Navy Dress // J.McLaughlin Clutch (similar here) // Giorgio Armani Lipstick “#400” c/o // Schutz Shoes // Tom Ford Eye Color Quad “Nude Dip”

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  1. Elegantly stunning defines you! I’m loving this makeup look and the outfit as well. All these Giorgio Armani products must be amazing, I’d absolutely love to try them on! ❤

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