Blogger Ashley Brooke's Favorite Purchase, the Nespresso Maker | 

My Favorite February Purchase!


I love this new little series that I started last month! I am always sharing my favorite new items with you over here, but after you’ve had something for a month… you REALLY know if it’s become a staple or not. And this Nespresso maker has definitely become a staple.

Ryan surprised me with the Nespresso Inissia and Milk Frother a few weeks before Valentine’s day as an early V-Day gift. I’ve got to be real with you, it was the best gift ever. We literally haven’t been to our neighborhood Starbucks since the day we opened up the Nespresso box, which honestly is such a change of pace for us. We may or may not have been spending waaaay too much money each week with random Starbucks runs. 

Also, biggest shocker of all, I think Nespresso tastes much better than Starbucks! It’s nice knowing the quality of milk or almond milk you are using as well. We had a little mini milk frother and old school stovetop espresso maker before, but it was kind of a scene every time you needed a cup of coffee. This magic machine has seemed to change the coffee game for us once and for all. 

Blogger Ashley Brooke's Favorite Purchase, the Nespresso Maker |

The other great thing about having the Nespresso maker is that it actually solves our morning routine issue as well. I like to get up and go right to the gym, and Ryan likes to drink his coffee and read the news first. Most mornings one or both of us would have to flex so that the coffee in the coffee pot wasn’t cold by the time we were ready to drink it. But now, we can have our coffee at our own pace, and it’s actually so helpful. I know it seems silly, but it’s the little things that can make a big difference! 


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Have you tried Nespresso yet?! If not, you need to… I PINKY PROMISE you will be so glad you did! Also, if you are wondering… the Cosi Espresso is my favorite at the moment. But don’t worry, when you order yours they will send you a sample pack, and you can try them all out! 

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