Ashley Brooke is Speaking at Blog Fete 2013

I’m so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the 2013 BlogFete Conference on September 28th along with these other fabulous ladies! The best part of this entire thing is that I was asked to speak on branding, which is kinda my favorite thing… well, right behind popcorn.  I seriously can not wait to meet all of you and get to share a few things that have been really helpful for me in building my brand, and helping us stay true to ourselves. You will have to help a sister out and tweet/facebook/instagram me to let me know if you are attending! Since this will be my first speaking engagement… I’m thinking it would help the butterflies if we were all friends first… don’t you?!! Anyways, super excited, hope you come, and I can promise we’ll have a good time!

Sign up here, come on… you know you want to!


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