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How to Love Reading

Hi, Hello! I am so excited to begin having these mid-month book chats with you! I get lots of DMs and emails asking for book recommendations and other bookish answers so I thought it would be fun to have a go-to post where we can explore some of these things together. One of the most common questions I am asked is “I want to become a reader, but don’t know where to start! HELP?” or more commonly…. “How do you find time to read?” So we are going to start with a very basic how-to regarding cultivating a reading life. Honestly, I think everyone can be a reader, it just takes the right book and finding the medium (hard copy, digital, or audio!) that works best for you, I promise you can do it! So, let’s get to it.

Three Steps to Becoming a Reader

1. Find your genre!

I think our book club has made it quite clear that I LOVE bubbly, sweet romantic comedy type reads. If the book has Nora Ephron vibes, then I’m 100% in. Happy books like these are my absolute favorite and I make no apologies. It’s easy for me to continue reading because I know what to reach for. If you are looking to become a reader I would encourage you to find out what genre is your favorite–try lots of different types of books or think about what you liked reading as a kid (Princess Diaries anyone?! ha!), and try that. There is NO shame in loving any genre–every reader has a book for them and vice versa. Reading should be FUN and enjoyable, or else what is the point?!

2. Find the time!

I think for a lot of people reading feels out of reach because they can’t imagine where to find the time. My best and easiest tip is to get in bed 15 minutes earlier and use that 15 minutes to read. It’s a win-win because you get your reading time and it honestly helps so much with winding down for sleep versus scrolling (this is my favorite book light btw, it’s amazing!). It’s also important to remember that you don’t need hours of free time to read–even 10 or 15 minutes is worthy of picking up your latest book. (Laura Tremaine recommends setting a timer for 20 minutes and reading until the timer goes off, which is another great strategy.)

3. Explore different mediums!

Personally audiobooks are my go-to! I can listen to tons of books while editing photos, doing laundry, and cooking dinner, running, etc. But you may prefer traditional books or ebooks that are easily transported. Think about what you are most likely to pick up when you have a few spare minutes. There is no wrong way to read! So do what works best for you and your life style. I will typically listen to 2-3 audio books per month and read 1 hard copy. But they all count as reading, so don’t sell yourself short!!

What Book Should I Start With?

You’ll have to let me know if these tips above help you get started on your reading journey! I promise it only takes one REALLY good book to get you into. And I suggest if you don’t know where to start, to start with a series, that way you will have a second book on deck! One of my all time favorites is American Royals, it’s a two book series and SERIOUSLY addicting… it will definitely get the reading ball rolling!

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On Our Personal Shelves

As a team over here we read a lot of books!! Betsy, Katherine, and Francesca help me run the Ashley Brooke Book Club and are all AVID readers and lovers of different genres. Since these ladies are reading so many fabulous books I wanted a place for them to share some of their favorite monthly titles with you!

Because if there is one thing we could all use more of, it’s book recommendations! 😉

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Why we chose it

From the editor

This month Ryan and I listened to Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey while road tripping to Georgia and it was FANTASTIC! Highly recommend the audio version.

Ashley Brooke

This month I returned to my Bridgerton obsession. The books are so good y’all. I’m reading Book 6: When He Was Wicked and it is a delight so far!


You Lucky Dog was one of those gems II finished The Soulmate Equation by the Rom-Com queens, Christina Lauren, this month. It was such a fun and swoon-worthy read that I couldn’t get through fast enough!


You Lucky Dog was one of those gems II finished The Soulmate Equation by theThis month I finished Our Woman in Moscow, an intriguing tale of love and espionage in the time of the Cold War. I’m a self-professed Historical Fiction snob, but Beatriz Williams never disappoints! I totally did not see the plot twist coming, which is totally a win in my book–pun very much intended.


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  1. Great tips! I used to read a LOT but marriage and a major instagram addiction often get in the way. I need to carve out time for it. Going to try to read the next book club book – looks fun!

  2. Love this! I’m actually reading American Royals right now. I am a morning reader. I set my alarm for 6:30am every day (even weekends) and spend the first hour(s) of my day with a cup of tea and my current book. It has become a habit and I find that that little space of “me time” each day really renews and sustains me.

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