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Hi, Hello! Happy October! I hope you are knee deep in all the best things fall has to offer. Fall feels like the right season for lots of things, including books! So I thought this month we could chat about bookish podcasts, which I love for adding to my TBR, and getting a behind the scenes look at publishing and author life. If you love podcasts, you’ll love these, and if you aren’t a big podcast listener, I think starting with a subject you are passionate about is a great way to dive into the medium. Here’s a few recommendations to get you started!

Bookish Podcasts

Bookish Podcast Recommendations

Like a lot of people, this was my first bookish podcast, and Anne Bogel is such a gem! Her formula of asking guests three books they love, one book they don’t, and what they’ve been reading lately introduces me to so many new titles. I love hearing Anne come up with the perfect books for her guests, and also her voice is a dream–so soothing!

2. From the Front Porch

From the Front Porch is a production of The Bookshelf, a independent bookstore in Thomasville, GA. I love that the host Annie is a real life Kathleen Kelly, selling books in her small town. Some of my favorite episodes of FTFP include their casting episodes, where they cast a recent read with real actors, and Annie’s monthly recaps of what she read in a given month.

3. Currently Reading

Meredith and Kaytee host Currently Reading, and I love their conversations. I love hearing them discuss how books make them feel, and hearing them discuss various genres and their individual tastes.

4. Bad on Paper

My friends Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman host this terrific podcast where they talk about books and all of life in between. I love the girlfriend chat show vibe. They pick a book each month to read and discuss, but will also host authors and other discussions centering around books and other parts of their lives. I adore Grace and Becca, and am always so glad I tuned in to BOP.

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Also, if you want to join our book club… you can catch up with our latest reads here:

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*Plus, if you need more recommendations, all of the Ashley Brooke Book Club Selections are listed here on our Amazon Shop!

On Our Personal Shelves

As a team over here we read a lot of books!! Betsy, Katherine, and Francesca help me run the Ashley Brooke Book Club, and are all AVID readers and lovers of different genres. Since these ladies are reading so many fabulous books, I wanted a place for them to share some of their favorite monthly titles with you!

Because if there is one thing we could all use more of, it’s book recommendations! 😉

From The Editors

What We’re Reading This Month

From the editor

Ashley Brooke

I read PLOT TWIST a few weeks ago and I just really enjoyed the storyline! Kept me guessing the entire time! 

Ashley Brooke

I just finished my first Rhys Bowen mystery, GOD REST YE ROYAL GENTLEMAN. It was such a great cozy, Christmas mystery with a dash of royal intrigue. Highly recommend adding to your TBR this fall!


This month I’m recommending IF THE SHOE FITS. This was such a fun read, and I loved the modern take on a classic fairy tale! 


This month I’m recommending THREE WORDS FOR GOODBYE by Hazel Gaynor. This piece of historical fictional transports you through the landscape of all of Europe’s best cities in the 1930s–Vienna, Paris, and Venice–following the journey of two couldn’t-be-more-different sisters. I was totally not ready for the plot twist when it arrived. And my oh my—it arrives in full force!


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  1. I love all of these podcasts. Recently found two new book podcasts to add to this list—Book Pairings (really good for classic novels) and Diving In!

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