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Legit, All The Things.

I sat down to write today’s post and I had 1 zillion things buzzing around in my brain. I couldn’t think straight. So I just figured I do a little brain dump instead. Honestly, I love reading them on others blogs so I figured you might too… and if not, just amuse me! 😉


We have THE best friends. Since Ryan and I have been walking through cancer these past few weeks our friends have just shown up. They’ve quite literally just rung the doorbell with arms full of groceries, home cooked meals, chemo care packages, flowers, and most of all… time. My girlfriends have snuck me away for coffee dates, fancy dinners, and wine on the porch. These people are showing us daily on what it looks like to be a good friend. So as I soak in all of their unconditional love during this season I’m also taking notes on how to be just like them when I grow up.  

Working Out

I have been trying and failing to actually get into the BBG workout routine for what feels like months now. I have restarted the first week so many times that I actually have the exercises memorized! I’m so serious. I have great follow through on most things and enjoy working out, but doing BBG alone just isn’t all that much fun. I usually end up swapping it out for 30 mins on the treadmill. So when my girlfriend Carly asked if I wanted to join her and a few friends in a BBG challenge I said SIGN ME UP!! It’s actually been really fun and we text each other sweaty selfies to keep one another accountable. I hope this time it sticks! 


Right now Dolly is NUTS. It’s like someone gave this puppy espresso and put her in a box. She literally is BOUNCING off the walls. It’s been 9 days since she got fixed and I am counting down the days until her stitches come out and we can play and go on long walks again, for both her sanity and mine. Ha! She’s the sweetest and I just hate to see her this bored all day every day! 


Since my come to Jesus moment with my skin care routine (ahem, or lack thereof) I’ve been SO good with actually taking care of my skin again and it’s showing. Thank goodness! There’s nothing quite like properly washing and moisturizing your skin every day to give you back that glow! Check out last Friday’s post for more on what I’m using. 

Audio Books

I always have at least one audio and one real book going at all times. I love listening to audio books while I’m doing house chores like laundry and dishes, but this past week I haven’t had much luck! I returned two books back to back after not liking the first chapters. I ended up downloading My Year at Oxford last night and so far so good. I’ll keep you updated…


I have a new chip obsession. Have you heard of the brand Siete?! Oh my gosh, if you haven’t, you need to get familiar. I have become obsessed with their lime chips. They are grain free tortilla chips and so delicious! I love them with everything, especially guacamole (here’s my fave recipe). I get mine at Publix in the GreenWise section! You totally need to try them out the next time you are in the store! 


I’m abnormally excited to get my Nordstrom order in from last week! I’m not 100% sure why because it’s all just duplicates of the same things I already have that need to be replaced, but regardless, I’m pumped! Also, Tuckernuck, one of my faves, is having a mega sale right now as well and it’s REAALLLY tempting me. This top and these earrings need to be mine ASAP. Lastly, hat Draper James lemon dress I’ve had my eye on since early Summer just went on sale too! It’s all too much. My heart can’t handle it. 


I am admittedly THE WORST at technology. My family jokes that I ruin iPhones just by looking at them, and honestly, it’s true. I seem to ruin electronics faster than the normal adult human and I can’t figure out why. My iPhone has pretty much bit the dust, my video speaker works sooooometimes, and I can’t take a call if it’s not on speaker. So I think it’s time to upgrade. But should I wait until September?!? Is there something new coming I should wait to buy (then immediately break)? For the love of all things good and wifi, tell me I’m not the only one with this problem. 

Okay, that’s it. I’m cutting myself off. But just know, I could keep going…

Happy Thursday, friends. 😉 




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  1. I love having a skincare routine, it’s a relaxing time for me. Have you ever tried the Korean 10-Step skin care routine? It’s so good!
    Also, I just signed up the BBG workout routine, hope it works for me haha! By the way, I love your posts (blog and Instagram etc), I feel like we’re best friends, don’t know why.. it just happens! Hope you, Ryan and Dolly have an amazing Thursday! ❤❤❤

    Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
    Instagram @ what_to_style

    • Jessica!

      I 10000% agree! Also, no I haven’t tried the Korean 10-Step although I have heard so many great things!

      Let me know how BBG goes! 😉 We are all in this together! Thank you again for your sweet comment. Means the world!

      xo – AB

  2. Love these types of posts! Rachel Hollis’ ‘Party Girl’ Series was fun to listen to on Audible. She narrates them. A little cheesy in the beginning, but then they’re great! I listened to all three

    • Emily!

      Yes! I have listened to the first book in the series and it was so good! I’ll have to download the rest, thank you for reminding me! xx – AB

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