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I’m Off to Celebrate!

Today is my birthday, and as a true Summer baby, I’m taking the day off to play! I was thinking I’d just read in the sunshine, pick up coffee from my favorite little shop, make cupcakes, and order in dinner… but apparently Ryan has a whole day planned. And honestly I’m really quite excited about it.

I don’t typically like surprises, and usually play it pretty low key on my birthday, but he’s been so excited about his plans for weeks now that I’m just ready to see what he has up his sleeves. He keeps secretly texting people and looking at me funny, and yesterday for a few hours and wouldn’t tell me a thing. It’s driving me CRAZY I’m dying to know!

Anyway, I know it will be a fun day whatever the plans are because Ryan is truly the most thoughtful human I know, so I’m only a little worried… ha!

Cheers to another year of 365 beautiful days. xoxo


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, which I’m sure Ryan will make sure you do! You deserve it!!!

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