Celebrating Baby Boy Chambers!

Truly, it still feels like a dream!

Over the years, I have hosted and planned countless baby and bridal showers (see my most recent here and here!), and honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love celebrating the women in my life and their big milestones, so being on the other side of a baby shower felt absolutely surreal. I’m just so grateful to my beautiful friends and family who were there to celebrate Baby Boy Chambers.

For me, this was much more than a party, it was a celebration of a real miracle—and it felt every bit that way. It was an incredibly special day that I’ll never forget.

baby shower

My sister, Kyla, headed up the baby shower planning with my two best friends, Betsy and Deanna, and my mom and dad also became involved (because, of course!)—no one loves to throw a party more than those two. I just happened to be the lucky recipient this time!

It was incredibly sweet to see my favorite three, plus my two best friends, give so much time, energy, and talent to celebrate this baby. It’s overwhelming to think of all the love that was involved!

And I’m *really* glad my dad arrived with his camera in tow. He put on his wedding-photographer-hat and captured every single detail. It’s so special to have photos like these with not only my family, but with Betsy and Deanna, too. I couldn’t do life without these incredible women! I have similar photos from their baby showers (they each have three little ones), so I’ll always cherish these snaps.

Having a photographer as a dad really does come in handy—I only wish I would’ve had him stay with us longer! I would have loved photos with my sweet mother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandmother, and everyone else. As soon as the baby shower began I barely stood still long enough for any other pictures, but isn’t that the sign of a *very* good night?!

So many friends and family came from all over Florida; my dear friend Carly flew in from the Northeast with baby Jack; my girlfriend Aly came from Georgia…truly, I still can’t get over everyone who showered Baby Boy Chambers with love. It means the world to our little growing family!

The Baby Shower Details:

My sister (she’s an incredible artist!) has a beautiful office space that she and her husband renovated themselves a few years ago, and it was the perfect location. It was supposed to be a backyard affair, but the weather decided to stand (rain!) in our way. Which, honestly, became a beautiful back-up plan that it worked out perfectly—her loft was MADE for festivities. Very last minute they moved all the tables and computers out of the way, and suddenly we had ourselves an event space! I just may throw all future parties there—who wants to come?!

baby shower details

My sister shared that she and the girls wanted the baby shower to feel just like me and, well, they couldn’t have pulled it off any better if they tried. Truly! It was complete perfection. The tables were brimming with the most beautiful flowers, the twinkling candles, and all of my favorite things…even down to the blue and white vintage tea cups, which they sourced from antique and thrift shops all over town. And the tiny daisy stirrers, too! It was so obvious they poured so much love into the day—it was *all* such a gift.

baby shower details
baby shower details

They even recreated my favorite meal—the Hillstone Kale Chicken Salad (iykyk!) with potato chips (instead of fries) all tied up in a dusty blue-linen bow.

baby shower details
baby shower details

I almost cried when I opened the kraft paper box. They thought of absolutely everything, and even served tiny personal charcuterie jars to start and pink champagne!

baby shower details
Baby Boy Chambers

Even the party favor cookies were adorable! Made by local baker Cosmic Cookies, they matched the baby’s soon-to-be nursery theme. How cute, right? And speaking of puppies, my sister hand drew (!!!) the puppy on the invitations and Betsy did the calligraphy on each envelope. All the thoughtful baby shower details! It blew me away that they thought of every little thing and pulled it off perfectly.

My Baby Shower Look:

I shared a bit about my dress last night, but this was such a fun (and unintentional!) project. I searched everywhere for a baby shower dress that felt like me and just couldn’t find the *one*. But I did fall in love with this dress—that was most definitely not maternity—so I ordered a few sizes up and hoped *finger’s crossed* that my tailor might up for the challenge.

Baby Boy Chambers

As soon as it came in I brought it to Kim’s Tailoring & Alterations in Winter Park (the best!), to see what she thought. When I put it on her eyes lit up! “Oh, this will be fun!” is exactly what she said. There was plenty of fabric to work with, so she pinned from head to toe, cut the tags, and I said a prayer! Five days later she had worked some serious magic. The dress fit perfectly—it was definitely a Cinderella moment!

Yes, the lovely details, flowers, and dress made the day wonderful, but it was the genuine joy and excitement of those dearest to me that made the celebration *so* spectacular. Surrounded by so much love at a candle-lit dinner party with your best gals really is my favorite way to spend any Saturday, no matter the occasion.

baby shower

I will be forever grateful. Thank you beyond for all of the love for me and Baby Boy Chambers!


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  1. What a beautiful gathering! I’m so happy for you with your baby on the way. I also read your Babymoon post. I love, Melbourne, too! Our son is in college there and it’s been fun to explore the area.

  2. Absolutely love this! What a beautiful day and perfect memory. Walking through this journey with you has been so much fun!

  3. This is the absolute sweetest! I am so happy for you and know it brought your friends and family so much joy to shower you after you have done so for so many others.

  4. This was lovely! I’ve loved reading your shower posts throughout the years (the COVID-friendly shower you threw for your sister was inspiring! We did picnic boxes at a bridal shower I co-hosted after seeing how well it worked for you back in 2020, in addition to Carly’s shower). So many special details for your own!

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