All of the graduation gifts!

Summer is right around the corner! But before we dive headfirst into our favorite season of the YEAR, there’s something we need to do ““ celebrate the class of 2017! Whether you are graduating from high school, college, or grad school, we are SO proud of you. And, your MAJOR accomplishment deserves a gift (ABD, of course). As our calendars fill up with graduation parties galore, we thought we would share the gifts we are popping into our own pink and gold carts so we are 100% READY.

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For the High School Grad:

We always love thinking back on our own college experiences, and there are so many things we wish we would have had at the ready! One of our number one wish-listed items? Fun stationery with COLOR! Our Done & Done notepad is perfect for keeping track of her weekly to-dos (assignments AND get togethers need to be in the same spot, girl!), plus our Like A Boss gold foil mug is the best pencil and pen holder for a new college girl’s desk. It’s a great reminder to keep KILLING IT (even when slightly overwhelm and even homesickness kicks in). To top everything off, add our Get It Together notebook, Fancy Pencil Set, and You’re The Actual Best stationery (remember writing all of the notes post-party? She’s about to do that!). Your new high school grad is going to LOSE. HER. MIND.



For the College Grad:

Graduating from college is a HUGE deal! Whether your grad is off to grad school or about to accept her first job post-college, here’s what’s definitely on her wish list! First things first, she needs an All The Things notebook and Fancy Pencil Set. Graduating from college feels like all the things are happening at the same time, and she needs a pretty (and sassy!) place to write it all down. Also, pop one of our travel mugs into the mix (we’re obsessed with our Every Day I’m Hustlin’ mug!), and add our Done & Done notepad to help her keep track of her post-grad life. Let’s not forget about our Personalized Stationery! She’s going to be writing all of the thank you notes (and notes to keep in touch), and there’s nothing better than a set of cards with her name on them in GOLD FOIL. Girlfriend is about to be the ABSOLUTE BEST in the real world all because of Y-O-U!



For the Grad School Grad:

Did your bestie just receive her MBA? Did she just wrap up her student teaching as she embarks on a new career? Is she the heading into the courtroom as a new lawyer? What about the girl who just became a doctor? Whatever your favorite grad has just achieved, know this: we know this is kind of a HUGE DEAL. To celebrate, we’re in love with our Palm Leaf travel mug (we feel like she needs some zen vibes right now!), as well as our You’re Like Really Pretty mug for coffee, tea, wine, a sundae, or her makeup brushes! Our Notes & Things notebook is perfect for ANY professional environment, and it’s fun ““ total win-win. And, our First Class Floral makeup bag is perfect for her MUCH DESERVED trip”¦hopefully to somewhere tropical!



We’re so excited for all the things the class of 2017 is about to accomplish! We feel like something BIG is ahead of each and every one of our most recent grads! Congrats, friends – xo! 

P.S: Don’t forget to use “TREAT20” at checkout for all orders over $50!


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