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Celery Juice - Ashley Brooke v - www.ashleybrookedesigns.com

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Let’s Talk About It

Oh my gosh guys, you are cracking me up. Last week I posted in an instagram story that Ryan and I were going to take a crack at the whole celery juice trend and so many of you had strong feelings about it.

I took a poll in Stories that found 81% of you said “No, Gross!” when I asked if you celery juiced or if you would… which made me laugh. Then I proceeded to receive a handful of e-mails and direct messages a day asking how the celery juice was going. So what I gather from this information is this:  We can all agree that it sounds terrible, but we are all still very interested in knowing if it works. Is that safe to say?! 

Well, to be fair, that was true for me! I personally HATE celery. I only like it in soup. raw celery has zero appeal to me and I would rather eat anything else. Yet the celery hype got to me. I’d been hearing nothing but amazing things about it. Even my friend Lauren Scruggs Kennedy has been raving about it for a while now, so I finally gave in and decided to give it a whirl. 

But before I go any further, let me just be clear, I literally LIVE for a food fad. I love it. I’m all in every time. So this was bound to happen to be quite honest and Ryan was even impressed that I had stayed away for this long. But guys, we doing it and we’re in deep. 

Last Sunday practically half my grocery cart was celery and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve been getting such a kick out of it and quite frankly, so has Ryan, that I decided to write a little post about what we’ve found. Hopefully this is helpful to those of you who are just as curious as I was. 

Get Out Your Juicers:

Our Juicer:
We have an amazing juicer by Hurom that we LOVE (see some of our favorite recipes here) which was half the reason why this fad appealed to us. Any excuse we have to bust out the juicer! If you are looking for the Mac Daddy of juicers, this is it. I can not recommend it enough. Easy to clean, and truthfully, fun to use!
How To Juice Celery:
The crazy thing about celery juice is that you are supposed to juice it and drink it immediately. Meaning you can’t make it ahead of time – which I think is a total bummer. But, again, we are committing. We wash the celery, chop off the very end and juice everything including the leaves ( something we recently learned we should be doing! We’d been doing it leaf-less for almost a week, whoops!). Currently Ryan and I split a stalk of celery, about 8-10 ounces each. But from my research, 16 oz each is the magic number. I figured we could work our way up to 16 oz. each.  Also, for practical reasons, I don’t have THAT much space in my fridge for 10 stalks of celery… but I may have to start getting creative!
The Taste:
I actually don’t mind the taste… which is a SHOCKER to me! I hate celery, but don’t mind celery juice. It makes no sense. It’s only mildly bitter and not sweet at all, which is fine by me! I prefer salty over sweet anyways. Also, I just down it in a couple gulps and move on, no biggie!
When to Drink:
You are supposed to enjoy your celery juice first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach. Meaning no coffee or breakfast first, just a glass of refreshing celery juice. ha! It’s honestly not that bad. We just wake up, shuffle into the kitchen, drink our juice, and by the time I’ve made the bed and changed into my work out clothes, it’s time for coffee and a real breakfast! Celery juice is not a meal replacement, just think of it as taking your vitamins. But it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach and then to wait a good 1/2 hour before eating breakfast.
Celery Juice Benefits:
From what I’ve read, the benefits of celery juice are truly ENDLESS. Everything I’ve read points to it being nothing but amazing for you. But eating your greens always is! Here are a few of my favorite articles:
  • Medical Medium – This is the guy who started the trend! His confidence on celery juice is comical and also very impressive. I kind of love it.
  • Mind Body Green – this article talks about the actual science, and lack of science behind celery juice. Which I think needs to be noted.
  • Goop – Whatever Gwyneth says goes.
  • Lauren Scruggs Kennedy – A friend of mine who is ALWAYS on top of the health industry.
The Verdict:
For right now we love it. I think we both have more energy, and our stomachs definitely feel better, so for right now that’s enough for me! Who knows if it’s all placebo effect or if celery juice is the end all be all… only time will tell. It certainly won’t work if you’re hoping it will offset poor eating habits the rest of the day.  Which leads me to say that juicing first thing in the morning does keep you mindful of what you put in your body the rest of the day (as one of my story DM’s pointed out), and that’s enough reason to keep it up for me! … but let’s see how long it lasts! 😉 Have you tried celery juice?! Tell me everything!

Details: Anthropologie Sweater (on sale!) // Hurom Juicer c/o  // Juliska Drinkware // Hoop Earrings 


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  1. I just did this for the first time ever, inspired by you because you seemingly hate celery as much as me. Question: should pulp be coming through in the juice or is your juice a true unchunky juice? I’m using apparently a high endish blender my husband had and never used since married to me. That said, I may have set it up wrong. It was challenging. Plenty of pulp went into the pulp collector. I’m just surprised and challenged by the amount in the juice.

    • Deanna! Oh so gun, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Ours is completely smooth, no pulp at ALL! xx – aB

  2. I am glad that you shared the MBG article and if you’re finding that celery juice is benefitting your life, juice away. But I think the lack of science behind celery juice and in particular, Anthony Williams needs to be more than noted, it needs to be called out. This article talks about how he is scamming people and is giving out junk science, celery juice included (https://www.inverse.com/article/40096-medical-medium-anthony-william). I don’t mean this as a criticism, again if it works for you go for it, but I just want to stop the spread of bad information.

    • Hi Lyss!
      Thank you so much for your honest and transparent comment. I totally agree that there isn’t much science behind it, and would never recommend it to “fix” problems, but it is definitely a fun food-fad to try! Thank you again Lyss, I so appreciate you taking the time to read and weigh in!

      xo – Ashley Brooke

    • I’m the same, Juliana, but hearing Ashley say it doesn’t taste bad (and she hates celery too) makes me think maybe I could do it. I’m just so curious! I’m going to click over to the Mind Body Green article to read the science behind. what it is about the celery juice that is so beneficial.

      • Adrienne! I think you will be super surprised! It’s actually not bad at all! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

        xo – AB

  3. I’m really glad you shared the MBG article with the counterpoints about Medical Medium’s lack of medical credentials. Like you said, consuming more celery surely can’t do any harm but I appreciate that you came at the topic with a well-rounded approach 🙂

    briana | youngsophisticate.com

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