gold picture frame ornaments |
gold picture frame ornaments |

Carrying on the Tradition 

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions growing up was hanging picture frame ornaments on our tree. My dad is a photographer, so their tree is FULL of crafted ornaments picturing my sister, me, or our entire family.  The picture ornaments I loved the most were always the ones of just my mom and dad, before my sister and I came along.

Each year they would frame the photo from their annual Christmas card and hang it on the tree. Since they waited 6 years to have me, there are 6 tiny frames showing them in all their pre-children glory.  Each Christmas I would look forward to hanging them on our tree. Now after years of doing this my parents have a tree full of Christmas-Card-Photo-Ornaments!

When Ryan and I got married, I really wanted to continue the tradition with our new family. On our first married Christmas I went out and bought 10 gold picture frame ornaments as a surprise. Ryan loved the idea and we’ve been carrying on the tradition ever since. It’s so fun to look back at our Christmas photos from past years. These ornaments have become absolute treasures! 

The original 10 gold frames I bought came from Urban Outfitters and aren’t sold anymore, but I love the idea of buying a different set of 10 frames once we run out of the current ones. This way, each 10 years of our married life will be marked by the same frame, much like my parents’ tree (their first 10 years are in a red, plastic 80’s frame and I love them!). My dream is to one day have a tree almost toppling over with framed Christmas card photos through the years!

Starting Your Own Tradition:

If you’re dying to begin a Christmas tradition, I can’t recommend this one enough. The great thing is, there’s never a bad time to start (even if you need to back date a few!)

Below are three frames that are very similar to ours to get you started. Oh, and don’t forget to write the date on the back of the photo… that’s the best part! 😉


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  1. My husband and I are not newly weds but new home owners and first time getting an actual tree too (we lived in a tiny apartment before and no space for a big tree!) This is such a good idea because i’d love to have a sentimental tree and pictures from the years we had Christmases together would be such great addition to our bare tree! Thank you!

  2. uummmm, love this idea but…….you need to start a tradition of pictures of your precious little dog on the tree! And I’m sure you can find the cutest frames! 🙂

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