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Just the frosting”¦

Every year my mom, sister, and I get together to decorate sugar cookies.  Decorate being the operative word! My sister is a trained pastry chef and a few years ago she let mom and I help her bake the actual cookies. That was in fact a disaster, so ever since she only lets us be a part of the “decorating” portion, which is totally fine by us.

Honestly, mom and I are really only in it for the icing and sprinkles anyway, so it works! Also, if you ever tried my sister’s sugar cookies, you would know why we aren’t allowed to mess with the recipe. They’re are out of this world delicious and perfect.


Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Blogger Ashley Brooke |
Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Blogger Ashley Brooke |


This year we decided to get together at my mom and dad’s to decorate cookies after family dinner one night. We figured the boys would go outside, drink whiskey, and talk about tools while us girls tied on our aprons and got our frosting on. But five minutes in, our laughter must have been contagious because before we had decorated our first cookie, we looked up and all the men where there, whiskey in hand, wanting to know if they too could join in the fun.


Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Blogger Ashley Brooke |


At first I was all like, “no boys allowed,” but after a few minutes they convinced us that they were in fact very serious and wanted to decorate. None of us could stop laughing. The boys were hilarious and dare I say waaaay more into it than even us girls. My dad kept saying he missed his calling in life, and honestly he may have”¦ because he was good.


Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Blogger Ashley Brooke |


All in all we had one of the best nights just being silly. If you get a chance over the holidays invite everyone into the kitchen and decorate cookies”¦ it’s an activity the entire family can get around! And if you are sugared out, just donate them to your local fire or police station, I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone to take the goods!


My sister keeps her sugar cookie recipe top secret, even I don’t know what it is, but here are a few recipes that are tested and will absolutely work!

Icing Recipe – This is the same one I used for the marshmallows, works great!

Cookie Recipe

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