Holiday Hotel Hopping 

As soon as mid November rolls around, Ryan and I start making our Holiday To-Do List. Every year, Hotel Hopping is at the tippity top of that list. Now, first let me start by saying, yes… I get that this sounds strange, but if you haven’t tried it you need to, especially if you live in Orlando land of all the Disney Hotels

Hotel hopping during the holidays is exactly what it sounds like. It’s stopping in your favorite hotels, taking in their grand holiday decor, and of course taking advantage of their lobby bars! Most of our favorite hotels, like The Grand Floridian, even have live music, which makes the atmosphere all that more fun. We get all dressed up in our best holiday outfits and hit the lobbys for hot cocoa and a little Christmas magic!

The Grand Floridian is one of our favorite hotels to go to. Actually, Ryan and I even had our first date there! We popped in for ice cream and to watch the fireworks after having dinner nearby. So to be fair, we are always down for a trip to TGF!


J.Mclaughlin Skirt, Shirt, Blazer, Coat, and Clutch c/o




When dressing for Holiday date nights, I like to go all out because why the heck not?! If we are going somewhere festive then I am wearing Christmas plaid and my highest heels! This year, J.McLaughlin has totally out done themselves with their holiday line. I have worn all of these things MULTIPLE times since I got them, and this festive skirt has already been worn on a date night and a cocktail meeting. Plus… don’t even get me started on that leopard coat! I barely took it off when we were in NYC a few weeks ago. It’s my new favorite! 




When you live in Florida, you really have to get aggressive about the holidays since it feels and looks like summer all year round here! So when the temperature drops below 70… we bust out our winter coats and do something festive. Honestly, it’s actually quite comical and normal! I’ve busted out my leopard coat already in 65 degree weather and got 1 zillion complements because, let’s face it, we are all rocking our best winter gear at 65 here in Florida! 








One of my favorite things about a lot of hotels around the area are their gingerbread houses! THEY ARE REAL, and oh so pretty! They even have little shops inside where you can by chocolates, gingerbread men, and candy… it’s quite literally like walking into a Christmas story book! 

(Side note: I found this blog that had documented all of the gingerbread houses on Disney property, so if you are into that sort of magical thing… we’ve got you covered! Read Here








It’s fun taking the evening and exploring a new place. I love that at 5:00 the swing band starts playing, and we can sit in the second floor bar and sip hot cocoa as we listen to them play. It’s one of my very favorite holiday things. 










I mean, come on, how could this night not be fun?! You’re decked out in your holiday gear, sipping hot cocoa, eating gingerbread, taking in the holiday decor, and people watching. I don’t know about you, but that right there is my ideal December evening! 





J.Mclaughlin Skirt, Shirt, Blazer, Coat, and Clutch c/o

In Partnership with J.McLaughlin

Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography  


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    • I love that your family loves visiting the Grand Floridian too! It’s just so pretty. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Shannon! xx, AB

  1. What a great tradition!

    Every year I head into the city, NYC and spend a day checking out the windows of major retail stores and end the day with dinner and drinks at The Plaza!

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