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A few weeks ago my sister texted me a photo of the sweater she was embroidering for my niece, and I flipped out! I’ve never seen anything so cute in my life! And then I got to thinking… we all need matching sweaters! So that is exactly what we did. We made plans to get together and bake Valentine Sugar Cookies (try them if you haven’t) and embroider sweaters together, and it was so much fun!

Honestly it’s such an easy craft and even a great one to do at the end of a long day! It keeps your fingers busy from scrolling and on something productive. 😉 Plus the end result is ADORABLE. Also, I think this would be great to do on a number of things… pillow cases, napkins, blankets, tops, denim… the options are ENDLESS!

LIVE Craft Night, February 11, 2021 at 8:00 pm EST

Tonight at 8:00 pm EST my sister and I are going to go LIVE over on my Instagram account for a little Galentine’s craft night. So scoop up the supplies or just pour yourself a fancy cocktail and join us!


How To Embroider a Heart on a Sweater

Embroidering a sweater and using invisible ink to trace the design
  1. Cut a small piece of the stabilizing paper and place under the sweater and between the two hoops! This gives you a secure surface.
  2. Then draw out your design with disappearing ink! Options are endless.
Embroidered sweater with embroidery hoop

3. knot your thread and then pick a starting point!

4. This post has a FANTASTIC guide on how to do simple stitches. To be honest I just make it up as I go, but after seeing this I feel like my next one will be a bit more professional!

5. Once you’ve completed the heart, then you can move onto the lettering!

Ashley Brooke's embroidered heart sweater

6. The lettering is a bit more tedious, but SO worth it!

7. And if you want to get a little *jazzy* you can add a few sequins for fun!

I hope you enjoy this craft as much as we do and fingers crossed you’ll be able to join us tonight.

Happy crafting, friends!


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  1. Remembered that you did this and came back to look for it! So, so cute! Do you think it would work on a sweatshirt? Like a vintage crew neck and embroidered along the neckline?

  2. Hi Ashley!! What thread do you use for this? I’m having a hard time finding the right one. Thank you!!

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