Still Not Over Green.

Guys, I’m still on this olive/pistashio/blue-ish green. It’s all I’ve been saving lately. I seriously can’t get enough. I’m typically an all blue all the time kinda gal, but wow, I’ve really moved into the green phase of my life. ha!

You may remember just last week when I asked you the question “Would You Paint Your Kitchen Green?” Truthfully I thought I was just in a phase, but NOPE. It’s still going strong. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite saves recently… just too much good inspiration to count.

the pretties hues via @clarepaint

acrylics and paintings via @amylaurenstudio

floral plaster reliefs via @iamronnicole

the most stunning shoes via @brothervellies

pretty pastries via @bakedbybenji

swimwear I want to wear via @Jadeswim

world adventures via @NatashaNyanin

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is totally head over heels for this color… I’m starting to think those 60’s avocado green bathrooms need to make a comeback! 😉


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  1. I immediately regretted voting blue on the Instagram poll after I thought about it longer. And wow, love this photo montage you’ve got going. I’m full team green now!

  2. My husband and I had our laundry cabinets painted Benjamin Moore’s ‘kennebunkport green’ and it’s my absolute favorite and I’m also normally a navy/blue person!

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