I thought I would go along with the rest of the week and post an
article on Cubicle Etiquette! I love this post because every time I hear the word cubicle my mind immediately goes to Milton Waddams in Office Space!!

Here are your do’s and don’ts:


“¢ Try to pick up your phone on the first ring. Set the ringer volume at the lowest level you can hear.

“¢ Never use a speakerphone in your cubicle. If there is someone else who needs to listen in, use a meeting room for conference calls.

“¢ Watch your volume when talking on the phone. A headset can help keep your voice low. It can also free up your hands to work on the computer while you are talking.

“¢ When you leave your cubicle, turn your phone ringer off and let it go to voicemail or forward your phone number to your new location.

“¢ Never leave your cell phone behind in your cube without first turning it off or to vibrate.

“¢ With personal or sensitive calls, be aware that your neighbors can hear your end of the conversation.

“¢ Don’t interrupt people who are taking calls or stand over them. TALKING

“¢ Use your “library voice”. Talk softly ““ Don’t shout.

“¢ Don’t talk through cube walls or congregate outside someone’s cube. For impromptu meetings, go to a conference room or break room.

“¢ Don’t bring clients to your cube to meet with them. Go to an office or conference room.

“¢ Don’t yell across the “cube farm”. Get up and move to the other person’s location. GENERAL


“¢ Use email or instant messaging to communicate silently with your coworkers.

“¢ Use a headset when using a MP3 player, IPOD, radio, etc. Do not sing or hum along.

“¢ Set your PC volume to a low level and turn off screensaver sound effects.

“¢ Set cell phones and pagers to vibrate.

“¢ Work out an arrangement with your neighbors to take lunch breaks at different times. This will give each of you some quiet time in your cube.

“¢ Eat quietly. Avoid gum-popping, smacking your lips, slurping and pen tapping.

“¢ Just because you have some visual privacy, don’t assume your annoying habits are a secret, i.e. chewing ice, clipping nails, eating crunchy stuff.SMELLS

“¢ A good rule of thumb is to never eat hot food or strong-smelling foods at your desk. Food odors can bother your hungry or nauseous neighbors. Remember that other people will have to live with those odors all afternoon.

“¢ Perfume and cologne should be avoided in a cubicle arrangement. Your neighbors may have allergies.

“¢ Keep a neutralizing air freshener handy.

“¢ Keep your shoes on!

“¢ Keep snacking to a minimum at your desk. Choose quiet foods to snack on.

“¢ If you are a cube lunch eater, keep in mind that other people are also enjoying your meal with you.


“¢ Take pride in your work area ““ it is a reflection of you.

“¢ Maintain a clean and tidy workspace.

“¢ Keep decorations simple and not offensive to others.

“¢ Keep plants clean and trimmed.

“¢ Do not intrude on your co-worker’s space with your cubicle plants.

“¢ Do not clutter your work area with too many pictures, posters, etc.In conclusion, remember that your cubicle is the property of your organization, not your personal kingdom. You are at work to work.

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