Cultivate Workshop via Ashley Brooke Designs

I’m so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the 2013 Cultivate Workshop on August 11- 13th along with these other fabulous ladies! I will be speaking twice during this conference, once in a big group session and the second time will be during a smaller break out session, sounds great, right?! I can not wait to share a few of my favorite business/branding tips and tricks!  But, like I said before, you will have to help a sister out and tweet/facebook/instagram me to let me know if you are attending! Since this will be my first (of two) speaking engagement”¦ I’m thinking it would help the butterflies if we were all friends first”¦ don’t you?!! Anyways, super excited, hope you come, and I can promise we’ll have a good time!

Sign up here, come on”¦ you know you want to!


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