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My head has been spinning lately with ideas and inspiration! So I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been gathering that are giving me a creativity boost!

Slim Aarons:

Last weekend Ryan and I watched a documentary on Slim Aarons, and I just got sucked into his story. Of course, I knew of Slim’s work before the documentary, but I found the whole thing SO fascinating. I loved getting to know more about the man behind the camera who’s captured so many iconic moments.

The magic of his work really lies in the relaxed elegance… everything just feels so effortless and confident.

If you are looking for something to watch over the weekend, this is a good one.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Loria Stern

I’ve been a FAN of Loria Stern’s work for a long time, but WOW her cookies get me every single time. I keep thinking I need a reason to place an order. Especially since she just launched her vegan/gluten free cookies. I think maybe I’ll order a batch when our kitchen is done.

But seriously, I ‘m never not inspired by her. If you get a chance hop on over to her page and trust me, you’ll get sucked in. The florals, the colors, the creativity.

Old Edwards Inn & Spa

I’ve been so inspired by the decor in The Old Edwards Inn and Spa recently. I’m not sure how it’s just now making it on my radar but wow, it’s so beautiful. I love the soft colorful pallettes and beautiful textures. All these soft greens and blues are totally getting to me.

I love how warm and inviting it is, but also super fresh! Note to self, we need more ferns in our house… and maybe a trip to Old Edwards Inn & Spa sometime in our future! 😉

What’s been catching your attention lately?!


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  1. I’ve been debating doing a vision board when I get back home. I’m extending an extra year in the Air Force but I would like to start planning for life after the military. My husband and I have been talking about babies so, honestly right now I’m drawn to all the motherhood instagrams and east coast falls.

  2. I love Old Edwards Inn and Spa. I have been going at least once a year for a LONG time. There are other places just as equally wonderful in the area (Cashiers). A good many of these places are ADULTS ONLY. It is a place that my husband and I have enjoyed to just get away from life. (Work, children and their schedules). While it isn’t that long a drive from my home I don’t know whether I would suggest it for those who would need to travel long distances unless they were touring the whole area. Stay there for a couple days then pop over to Asheville etc etc.

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