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Your commute just got tropical!

In case you missed our biggest news last week, our newest travel mugs launched in the shop! It was one of our most exciting days to date because we have been working so hard behind the scenes to bring these back just for you. We wanted them to be better than EVER before, and that meant spending time (so. much. time.) sourcing the very best mugs to make our designs look extra fancy! We seriously cannot even deny our obsession with our new Palm Leaf travel mug. Isn’t she just so pretty?

We’re clearly lucky to live in Florida where palms are basically everywhere, and we don’t hate it one bit! But, we know not everyone gets to peek at palms on their daily commute. So, we had to make that possible! Ashley hand illustrated the palm leaf print, and we think the light pink backdrop makes the palms pop even more. Plus, have you stared at the gold lid yet? It’s so reflective and looks just like gold foil. Does it get any better? It does, we pinky promise.

Our favorite Palm Leaf travel mug is only $20. We’re way insane, and we can’t believe the price either! But, that means even more of you can get your hands on one”¦because EVERYONE needs one. They’re just so cute!



We’re all about matching vibes because when you love a print you need all the things. So, while you’re adding your new Palm Leaf travel mug to your cart, up your phone and stationery game too. We know, it’s the BEST idea. Now, your mug will match your new Get It Together notebook (it’s seriously time, girl!), phone case (OMG, we love it so much), You’re The Actual Best thank you notes (they have gold foil!), and”¦wait for it”¦personalized stationery (your name + gold foil + palm print = notes so good you’ll have to frame one).



Your ABD mail is about to have serious tropical vibes, and we promise you’re not going to hate it one bit!


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